College for Working Parents

What are the options for both campus and online college programs for working parents and other professional? Time never seems to be on your side! You can barely make time to do all the extras after talking care of the kids. You don’t know where the time goes and now you have to entertain the idea of returning to school or completing your college degree.

Cost has also been an issue and adding a tuition payment to the monthly budget is not always feasible. What then are your options? The United States U.S. Census Bureau reports that about 20% of families in the country are headed by a single parent and in a majority of these cases, the parent is the mother. In addition only 5% of single parents earn over $75,000 a year. Therefore, without financial aid, it becomes increasingly difficult to realize the hope of completing their education.

The good news is college for working parents is possible and there are many programs available for working parents (both moms and dads) through accredited distance learning programs as well as financial resources such as scholarships and grants to support working parents. Here, we look at some options for college for working parents, and various strategies for both moms and dads for completing their degree, whether they are just beginning, or starting off from where they may have left off earlier.

The United States Department of Labor report, most moms work full time. They then spend another ten hours a day taking care of their families, cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, shopping for groceries, running car pools, playing with their kids in addition to other responsibilities. Government and private foundation programs are available specifically for single parents and working mothers.

The first step is to determine what you want to study. Next find out what financial options the school has. You can get this information from the colleges financial aid office. A thorough Internet search can also yield some results. Also, visit the library and look at the annual listings of scholarships and grants available. One key point to remember is to make a note of the application deadlines, required information you need to submit and the specifics of each individual scholarship. For example some scholarships might be just for those who are studying in a certain area such as business management or education or nursing.

The next item about college for working parents is time management. With all your other responsibilities and tasks, adding online college for working parents to your to-do list can be daunting. So, developing and sticking to a routine will help give you and the family some structure. For example you can establish the children’s bedtime and stick to it so that after they go to bed you can study without interruptions.

You can also get into the habit of getting lunches ready in the evening to save you time in the morning and avoid the rushed feeling. Delegate responsibilities for your family members so that you don’t have to feel like you have to do it all alone. This will help you in reducing the stress level and this means more focus in your studying. Keep a calendar or daily planner and use it to monitor events at home, work, and school.

When it comes to excelling in college, apply a few strategies to help you succeed. At the beginning of the school term, determine what is expected from each of your classes and what the instructor needs from you during the semester. Next, read the syllabus in depth, noting deadlines, milestones, and assignment and exam dates. Add these to your planner and begin working on them ahead of time.

College for working parents is not always easy but as much as possible, do not wait for the night before an assignment is due to begin working on it or for the end of the semester to start working on the big assignment or project. Develop self-deadlines and milestones and work toward those throughout the term. Ensure that you also prioritize between your home, school and work activities and determine which items must be attended to first. Pace yourself and do not be afraid to ask for help or to ask questions. Also important, have self-confidence – convince yourself you can do it, because you can!!