Military College and University Programs

Military college will prepare you for wide variety of careers. The United States military is comprised of the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, National Reserve and National Guard. Military friendly college and universities cater to active duty personnel. reserve personnel, and veterans of the armed forces. Their goal is to provide opportunities and flexibility to servicemen and women of the forces in acquiring additional skills and knowledge that they can apply both while they are are still enlisted as well as when their service is up and they join or rejoin the civilian workforce. The military offers a variety of career opportunities and assignments in diverse fields such s managing health care facilities, commanding tanks, computer programming, and repairing and maintaining aircraft. Accredited online universities and colleges that are military friendly often have a significant number of active men and women in uniform as well as retired and veteran military personnel. In many colleges, over one third of the students are active members in the military, veterans, or spouses.

Military Friendly Universities and Colleges

University of Phoenix
Walden University
Capella University
Kaplan University
Grantham University
American Sentinel University
Strayer University 
Western Governors University
Virginia College Online
Jones International University

These universities are dedicated to serving the men and women in uniform. They provide service members and the extended military community with significant benefits including:

  • Reduced tuition rates (Can accept TA and VA tuition payments)
  • Scholarships that pay for books, software and various fees
  • No residency requirements
  • Flexible enrollment periods
  • Comprehensive transfer credit policy

Depending on several factors which must be pre-determined, students who are serving in the military may qualify for various forms of tuition assistance. This may include determination of need amongst other factors. These forms of tuition assistance may include:

  • Military Tuition Assistance (TA) programs via the armed forces branches
  • Scholarships and grants via the online universities and colleges

Features of Military Friendly Universities and Colleges

Military friendly colleges prepare students in various areas of study which include: business administration and management, information technology, health care and nursing, among other areas. Students may study at the undergraduate or graduate degree levels. Some of the advantages of considering military friendly colleges are:

Flexible coursework is flexible via asynchronous online formats, where the programs are designed to meet the needs of active military members, veterans, and their spouses and their family members

Colleges offer offer military benefits to the extended military community including military financial aid and benefits to service members, veterans, auxiliary, and spouses

Open enrollment

Partnerships with various service schools

Tuition review for military, their spouses and veterans

Acceptance of transfer credit from all branches of the military

Transfer credits awarded for military training, professional experience and previous courses

Flexible military leave of absence policy to allow students to pursue their education while being active in their military service obligations

The difference to not however is that military college and university programs may not be the same thing. A military college prepares candidates for service in specific branches of the armed forces. They tend to be government institution Military friendly colleges and universities on the other hand may be private institutions that make special accommodations for service men and women.